• Where did we go?

    It’s been a while. We haven’t posted anything on the site since June last year so, well, where were we?

    By ‘we’ I mean ‘me’. This site is a one-man project (I tried reaching out for guest users but it just didn’t work) and other things have got in the way of me finding the time to continue to write for this site. In addition, Battlefield 1 came out and I was exceedingly underwhelmed. Overwatch and Titanfall 2 have been my companions since, along with regular games of Battlefield 4.

  • Using an M2 SLAM

    Battlefield 4 introduced the M2 SLAM (Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition), essentially a motion-sensitive explosive, which can be equipped by the Engineer class. Although not the case in reality, the SLAM in Battlefield can be easily stuck to any surface.

    There are two key skills to laying the perfect SLAM – stealth and prediction.

  • New Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer Released

    A brand new video of gameplay from Battlefield 1 has been released

  • The Future of Battlefield – Battlefield 1 is here!

    Last night DICE/EA officially announced the follow-up to Battlefield 4 – Battlefield 1, set during the First World War.

  • How I Improved My Console Network Performance

    If, like me, you’re an online gamer then gaining maximum performance from your network is critical. The following is a compilation of a number of articles I’ve written on the subject plus a number of new suggestions.

  • Beta for PlayStation 4’s 3.50 Update Starts Soon – Key Features Revealed

    The beta program for PlayStation 4’s next major system software update, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), kicks off tomorrow. We look at some of the key features they’re adding to PS4 in this update.

  • Battlefield Hardline Base Game Update for 1st March

    New Weapons Cleaver Devil’s Tooth Pick Inquisition Sword Karambit AUG A3 M4 M1903 M98B MX4 RPK74 Shovel Please note: Inquisition Sword – Available for all users through Base Game Update. Gold Inquisition Sword – Available for owners of Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal after completing the Sword & Board Syndicate Assignment. Red Inquisition Sword – Available for […]

  • Everything we know about Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal – UPDATED

    You’ve assembled a crew, pulled off the perfect heist, and made a whirlwind escape from the police. Now, there are enemies lurking in the frozen shadows, dark figures hiding behind crumbling mausoleums, and confrontations brewing in back alleys and federal prisons. Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal brings new maps, weapons, vehicles, and more.

  • Everything we know about Battlefield Hardline: Getaway

    Battlefield Hardline: Getaway, a new DLC coming in January, features four new maps that focus on what happens once the heist is over. We’re talking hot pursuits down the California coast, awesome chases over the U.S./Mexican border, and daring escapes through underground channels and past charging train cars.

  • R55 Server Update for December 15th

    Server update R55 has been released with a number of fixes and new features.