11 Ways to Legitimately Boost your Points in Battlefield 4

When Double XP (2XP) is active this is a great opportunity to really boost your points and get promotions. There are, ahem, less legitimate ways to improve your score but this is to cover how to play the game in such a way to maximise your scoring.

  1. Stick to certain game types that score better – for all of these examples I’m going to have Conquest in mind, but other types may apply too.
  2. Save up your Battlepack boosts, particularly those high value ones (200% are the best). They work at the same time as 2XP and give a huge increase to your score. Whenever playing during 2XP I have a quick warm up – say, 15 minutes – before applying and then use the biggest I have. Once the 200% boosts have been used up, move to 100% and downwards. Even a humble 25% boost is better than nothing.
  3. Try and create your own squad – if you’re on with friends or the server isn’t yet full then this will be easier to fill. When the squad fulfil your orders then you’ll get points for this – try and give orders that you know they’re going to obey, whatever (for example, if they’re running towards a particular flag to cap, mark that one up).
  4. Stick with your squad. You’ll get extra points for giving them ammo, medic, etc. or even for protecting them in a gun-fight.
  5. If you’re not the squad leader, try and stick with him if he’s giving orders (so many don’t, which is a shame).
  6. PTFO. Assuming you’re playing Conquest, cap those flags. Once done, move onto the next one. Repeat until the game ends. Score well.
  7. Forget your K/D. Obviously, don’t forget about it completely – the more you die the less time you spend in spawn and not scoring. But don’t hang about trying to get kills.
  8. Do your job! Each class has specific jobs to do, and if you do those things, you’ll quickly rack up the XP. Engineers should repair vehicles, Assault should revive and drop health packs, Support should drop ammo, and Recon should drop motion detectors and radio beacons. And be sure to drop ammo and health packs in choke points so they get the most traffic.
  9. Spot. Even if you don’t kill the enemy, if you spotted him you’ll get points when he is.
  10. Be your squad’s spawn point. If you’re the last in your squad, find a safe place and don’t die! Not only will it keep your field upgrades active, you’ll be rewarded with XP points for every squadmate that spawns on you.
  11. Work for medals. Keep an eye on Battlelog for any medals that you’re closing to getting – they’re typically worth 5000 points each so are well worth getting.

My ideal set-up? Playing conquest, 200% boost added, in a tank as Squad leader. Driver or gunner is in the same squad. Expect bonus points to be 6 figures.

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  1. Great article , one of the most important parts of Battlefield and gaining a lot of points is to squad up and play as a team. 🙂

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