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MedicbagBattlefield Medic is here to help. Filled with hints, tips and shared advice from across the web, we want to offer help to those who love playing Battlefield, whichever version or platform. Naturally, many articles will favour the latest version of the game and the platform of those writing.

We will cover gameplay help, the latest news and even reviews of gaming hardware. If it helps you play Battlefield better we’ll write about it!

Written by players for other players, we really do hope you enjoy the site. Don’t forget to visit the links section too, where this is a plethora of other sites which offer help and statistics. If you’re not already a member of a clan (platoon) then there are some recommendation on here too.

The site is owned and maintained by Darkstorm40, a member of the Old & Rubbish gaming group. The excellent logos are courtesy of Trigz, from the MoGZ of War.

Come in, sit down and enjoy. And we’ll see on the Battlefield!