Adding a console to the DMZ on a BT Home Hub

If you’re a UK  console owner and you have a BT Home Hub then placing your console within the hub’s DMZ (de-militarized zone) can give rewards.

But, first, what is DMZ? By default a firewall in your BT router restricts access to and from your devices to what is believed to be just necessary. The DMZ allows you to specify a single device where this won’t apply to. It also bypasses Network Address Translation (NAT).

Obviously, this comes with security implications, as the firewall is there to protect your devices.  BUT, it does prevent unimpeded access both from your console and to it – access issues should be reduced and ping rates improved. BTs own advice is..

Only one device, with either a static or a private DHCP address, can be placed into the DMZ. The Hub will give it a private IP address and forward all appropriate traffic to this device.

Important: Placing a host in DMZ has significant implications for its security. Although it will be still located behind the Hub’s firewall ALL unsolicited traffic not rejected by the firewall will be sent to this host by the Hub’s Network Address Translator, increasing it’s vulnerability to attack

BT Home Hub - setting DMZSo, assuming you have a BT Home Hub, how’s it done?

Sign into the admin screen and head for Advanced Settings. You’ll need to supply your administration credentials at this point to continue.

Now click on Firewall and then DMZ.

The screen (shown to the right – click on it for a larger image) will present you with an option to switch DMZ on or off and also specify the single device to apply it to. Mine showed the device name as simply “PS4”, but your may be different.

Click Apply to activate it.

These are the options for a Home Hub 4 but I suspect the Home Hub 3 and 5 are similar.

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  1. Louis de Gregory said this on August 27, 2015

    My playstation 4 doesn’t come up as PS4 like yours does, although there is a lot of ‘unknown blah-blah-blah-blah’s’ so maybe its one of them but how can i tell? thanks

    • If there’s nothing obvious head into the PS4 network settings and note down your IP and/or MAC address – you should be able to find that in your list of connected devices on the router. Click into it and you can then rename it for future.

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