Battlefest for Battlefield 4 and Hardline

DICE have announced a new season of “Battlefest”, celebrating the world of Battlefield with all players (i.e. not just Premium). As always a number of promotions and events are planned, and now for both Battlefield 4 and Hardline.

DICE have also stated that even more Battlefield 4 events will occur after Battlefest. At the end of May the Weapons Crate DLC will drop, containing 5 new weapons and the new Gun Master mode.

For those that have definite details, they will be automatically added to the events calendar on this site.

Battlefield 4

Easter Sale on Battlepacks and Shortcut Kits

March 31st – April 15th

Battlepacks contain XP boosts, camos, knives and other in-game items. Shortcut Kits will let you unlock all the weapons of a specific variety such as grenades or assault rifles.

Now, you can get up to 50% off on Battlepacks and select Shortcut Kits in the Easter Sale. Restrictions and conditions apply. Note that some variations on content and start/end times apply.

Gold Battlepack Giveaway

April 15th – May 4th

XP boosts, weapon attachments, camos, and more: login starting April 15 and you will receive a shiny Gold Battlepack.

“Battlesteal” Contest

April 22nd – April 29th

Time to get creative – and thievish. Capture your coolest “Battlesteal” screenshot, send it in, and you have a chance to be handsomely rewarded. Find full rules, terms, and conditions here.

Zodiac Community Mission

April 28th – May 4th

Show off your skills in the “Zodiac” Community Mission to claim a truly special “Aries” Dog Tag…

Double XP Weekend

April 30th – May 4th

Ready to climb the ranks? Make sure to jump into Battlefield 4 between April 30 and May 4: your XP will be doubled in celebration of Battlefest.

Battlefield Hardline

Double XP Event

March 26th – March 30th

This weekend, you’ll score double XP in Battlefield Hardline. Jump into the game, play the objective, and rank up faster than a speeding bullet.

Gold Battlepack Giveaway

March 27th

Login to Battlefield Hardline starting March 27 and you’ll receive a Gold Battlepack, containing in-game goodies like camos, weapon attachments and XP boosts.

Class Weeks

April 7th – May 4th

Operator, Mechanic, Professional, and Enforcer. Celebrate each Battlefield Hardline class, with tips for each, and class-related Community Missions where you can net exclusive rewards.

ShadowPlay PC Contest

April 7th – April 30th

NVidia is challenging PC players to capture their most radical Battlefield Hardline moment for a chance to win modded PCs with branded Battlefield graphics.


April 16th

More details are to be revealed in due course.

Game with Devs

April 22nd – April 23rd

Visceral and DICE developers will play Hardline on specific servers and let fans compete with and against them. Get a piece of the action and show us your skills.

Community Mission

May 4th – May 11th

Show how tight you are with your crew in the fast-paced Hotwire mode. Prizes await if this Community Mission is completed.

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