Battlefield 4 Commander App – A Memorial

On April 28th the Battlefield 4 Commander App was put onto life support, as the app was removed from both the Apple and Google app stores. On August 11th the plug will be totally removed and the app will no longer work.

All of this Mobile Commanders, You Served the Battle Well on, well, April 28th, giving people no opportunity to download the app if they wanted to (for example, if they’d just got a new phone and hadn’t gotten around to re-installing it). The reason for the death? Not enough people use for DICE to justify continuing to support it. Indeed, the absence of an equivalent for Battlefield Hardline is telling.

But, it’s a shame. Yes, we can play Commander on consoles or PC but if you’re sat in front of one of them, why wouldn’t you want to play on the battlefield itself. The joy of the Commander app was being able to join in when you wasn’t sat in front of your favourite gaming platform. Staying away? On holiday? Boring work lunchtime? Have a sneaky go on Battlefield on your tablet.

For me, the reason for using it was simple. Battlefield 4 is an 18 certificate game, and for a reason. I therefore won’t play it whilst my 5 year old daughter is around – the answer is to play the blood and violence free Commander app (particularly if it’s 2XP weekend!).

Last night I played it in bed, dropping a cruise missile on top of a flag taking out a squad of enemy soldiers, laid explosives and an entire vehicle. It was joyful. This was closely preceded by marking up an HVT sniper, sticking a drone over his head to identify his position before finally finishing him myself with another missile.

I guess I understand the reason for DICE doing this but it doesn’t prevent it from being missed by the many people, such as myself, that use it. Indeed, I bought my 10″ Sony tablet JUST for playing Commander. Maybe it was summed up by this comment made to the official announcement…

Wasn’t the commander app one of your unique purchase arguments towards us, your customers? Now you discontinue it just like that? The time has come, you say? There isn’t even a valid explanation what makes you take away something you actually sold to us!

And that’s the nub of this – wasn’t the app part of the BF4 package that we bought into? So much for the “Ultimate Commander Experience” that the game originally advertised.

So, it’s a said demise for the app, which will be greatly missed. It’s not as if we can now rally as many people now to play it until August, with it now being missing from the stores, but, damn it, I’ll still be on that tablet as much as I can before August.

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