Battlefield 4 Commander for tablets – Version 2 released

The Battlefield 4 Command app for Android and iOS has been updated to version 2 and includes a number of improvements and fixes.

  • Squad Member Visibility. You will now be able to see the player names and kits of players in a squad when it is selected
  • VOIP visibility. You will now be able to tell which player in a squad is talking to you through VOIP
  • Issuing orders to a squad now shows the position of all squad members while you are dragging out the order
  • You can now drop squad assets (such as promotions) directly on the squad list
  • If you have an XP boost active, the scoring for this will now be more visible in the UI

I’ve tried and it, for me, the most visible bug with Android – the fact that you couldn’t exit the app – has been fixed. However, the improvement that I really think they should be making is an ability to choose the type of game that you want to join – Conquest, Rush, etc. If there’s a game type you don’t play, how are you supposed to be an effective Commander?

Full Change Log

Full details of the version 2 changes are as follows…


  • Fixed an issue where commanders ended up on the same team after round transition.
  • Assignment fixes.
  • Support for Naval Strike added.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Localization fixes.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Gunship VO fixed.
  • Added Rapid deploy VO.
  • Added background audio for Second Assault and China Rising maps.

UI – New features

  • HVT marking is only enabled when actually usable, possible HVT targets have blinking brackets around them.
  • Added server name to scoreboard.
  • Now displaying soldier names when a squad is selected.
  • Squad progression bar added to squads.
  • Booster score added to EOR screen
  • Added indicator to show which soldier is talking on voip.
  • Enabled dropping squad assets on the squad list.

UI – Bug fixes

  • Rush defender icons were too large, they are now smaller.
  • When the scoreboard is displayed the user can no longer issue orders or use assets.
  • Commander can now see when vehicles are firing.
  • Increased viewable area on several maps.
  • Fixed assets getting stuck when dragged and interupted by proxy attack.
  • Fixed issues with the game round timer.
  • Fixed scoring widget for Rush.
  • Fixed an issue where orders couldn’t be given to squads.


  • Fixed mute toggle functionality.
  • Added options to always show chat and hide chat.
  • Improved VOIP quality on several devices.

Feedback from DICE

After a number of questions were asked in the forums about the changes, DICE have responded with some useful answers that you should be aware of.

Q. Is anything in progress on making the leadership ribbon requirements a bit more realistic with the lack of players accepting orders?
A. We know that it is hard to get the leadership ribbon as this is a result of SL not accepting orders. This is something that is being looked into. We are probably looking at a SL reminder that he/she has a pending order.

Q. Installed the update and now I don’t see the enemy cruise missile track
A. The missile track has been removed to reflect the change in the main game. It was removed to add some skill to where the opposing commander should place his/her EMP.

Q. The time counter is not working. just shows 00:00.
A. The counter will be fixed server-side soon (no app update required).

Q. we are still unable to use those Boosts that we get in Battlepacks directly on tablet.
A. Currently we don’t have that planned, but then again we just released an update and we have not yet set what the next one will include.

Q. The app now gets stuck changing maps after a round.
A. We’ve located the problem (it is actually a end of round problem) and a fix is coming server side. No need for an app update. I’m not sure on how long it will take until the next server patch that includes this fix but I an confident that we aren’t talking weeks.

Q. Squad Field Upgrade bar does not reflect the fact you have given them a Promotion as it does not move, regardless of how many promotions you give to the squad.
A. Actually there is nothing wrong with the app, its an overall problem in the maingame that the promotion doesn’t have an large enough effect on the squad progression stat. This is being looked at by the main game team.

Q. Kill feed vehicle names are not showing correctly and missing phrases/localization flash up during obliteration
A. I can confirm that these issues will be resolved as the latest servers for naval strike goes live on each platform.

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