Battlefield 4 Commander Tips

Here are some tips for using Commander in Battlefield 4 – whether you’re playing as Commander or playing in a game which has a commander. A number are from myself and some friends who play, many others are from various websites and forums.


General Gameplay

  • If you have an XP boost active while playing commander, you’ll get the boost points but no time will be taken from the boost’s duration.

Using your War Assets

  • An EMP drone will take out an enemies UAV. It will also stop a cruise missile.
  • If the enemy has the cruise missile ability and you have proxy attacks available, save it! The proxy attack will take out an enemy cruise missile in-flight.
  • If there is a concentration of enemies in a certain area, hit them with EMP while hitting the area with UAV also, blinding the enemy and lighting them up for your team.
  • Supply drops are best put in areas where a point is heavily contested – drop it behind the friendly line.
  • Always use infantry/vehicle scans, when available.
  • If an enemy sniper has been sighted, drop a supply drop on their head.
  • If you have one or more snipers, say on a rooftop, make use of the cruise missile to take them out. Use the zoom to make sure you get the specific rooftop, otherwise it may detonate on the ground next to the building instead.
  • Using your cruise missile on a building can often kill enemies inside, particularly if the building has already been damaged from fighting (e.g. in Zavod).
  • Give promotions to big squads. The big squads are the most useful and have the most impact. Giving them the benefit of promotions benefits the most players and by proximity the team as a whole.
  • Keep UAV’s in the air at all times. They refresh very quickly and they’re a great source of points for you and they are extremely helpful to your troops.
  • Use the Evac option to get troops away from a possible missile strike (your own or the enemies) or if a large number of enemy troops are heading towards a point. In fact, use the evac option generally, as you are awarded points for their use.
  • Make use of the option to tag a High Value Target – when an enemy has a high kill streak a box will appear around them on the map. Mark them us an HVT and they will be highlighted to your team.


  • To use VOIP on tablet, select the squad you want to talk to, then press and hold the VOIP button on the bottom right to talk to the squad.
  • Aid the largest squads and communicate with them – even if they have no mics they can hear you if you switch comms to their squad. Warn them of dangers and guide them to kills.
  • Think about asking small squads to consolidate, to make it easier to communicate to them. Equally, when a squad become fragmented, communicate with them to try and bring them back together.
  • Complement your squads when they do well. If they complete their orders reward them with promotions or extra attention. “Nice work guys, have a promotion.”

Being Commanded

  • If a Commander gives an order, use the CommoRose to accept or otherwise. Indeed, if you accept there’s no obligation for you to then follow them through but you earn points for doing so.
  • When you see “heavy enemy presence nearby” that’s probably your Commander telling you a cruise missile is about to drop on you. Run like hell.
  • The commander has an overview of the whole map including the option to send in an UAV over your head. So if he gives you an order to move out of the area to attack a flag, its most likely because the flag is unguarded or you are about to get flanked.
  • Squad leaders can make requests to the Commander via the CommoRose. Always do this when you are about to cap a flag, the Commander will see your request and will most likely give you an incoming UAV helping you cap the flag and see what direction possible defending enemies will come from.
  • Commander mode heavily depends on certain points being capped. If you aim directly at a flag marker on your HUD, you will usually see a small symbol telling you what the commander gets from that flag being captured.
    • A missile icon gives your Commander a cruise missile.
    • The 3D spotting Dorito with a vertical line through it means your commander gets infantry scan, which periodically highlights all infantry on the map and is great for seeing where the enemy is trying to get to.
    • The tank icon with a horizontal line means your commander gets vehicle scan, which is just the infantry scan for vehicles. Not as great as infantry scan but still a nice thing to have.
    • The gunship icon gives your team the ability to have the gunship, and capping this will destroy the enemy gunship if it is already spawned.
  • The gunship is probably the most important cap, followed by the infantry scan. The gunship is a major annoyance to the enemy team. The infantry scan makes the enemy team unable to sneak to a base without the commander knowing. Infantry scan would easily be #1 if people would listen to the commander warning the team about the cap though. Since they usually don’t, #2 it is.
  • If an enemy is marked as a High Value Target then this means they have a high kill streak – eliminating them will not only greatly assist your team but also earn you bonus points.
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