Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment to Launch Today

According to The Escapist, EA and DICE are launching a “Community Test Environment” (CTE) for Battlefield 4, in an effort to get more direct feedback from as many players as possible.

The CTE is launching today, May 8th, and it will initially be available to BF4 Premium members only. It will only be available to PC players, and it’s not clear if it will be expanded to console versions of the game as well.

Once signed up, participants will download a second, separate game client (different from the retail game client) which will serve as a beta test platform of sorts. The first priority for the CTE, according to an email they were shown by an anonymous source, is Battlefield 4’s “netcode”.

From the aforementioned email..

Among the first things we will work on is the ‘Netcode,’ which is what the player experiences with the game world including player-to-player interactions like damage registration. This involves tweaking to the ‘tickrate’ servers and networking in general.

The Escapist was able to log into the Community Test Environment Battlelog page (they didn’t post a link since it’s not properly live) and grabbed a screenshot of what you should expect (seen above). The CTE page looks like the Battlelog you’re used to, but with content tiles showing CTE-specific information.

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