The Battlefield 4 “Death Shield” Bug

Announced on the 13th April, the prolific video blogger JackFrags has found a bug in Battlefield 4, which affects all platforms. Both worrying but also interesting, it allows people to become invulnerable to weapons.

Here’s the original video which shows it in action and goes into full detail. Skip below for my own explanation of what has been found.

The problem comes about when a team mate dies but is revivable (the fact that they can be revived is critical). During this time an invisible shield appears to exist around them, through which weapons can’t penetrate. So, if between you and an enemy (whether soldier or vehicle) is a dead but revivable team mate then the enemy can’t kill you.

There’s something else odd happening too. If, for example, the enemy attempts to throw a grenade at you, it will seem to bounce off the shield (often killing the person who threw it). Yet, the visible explosion will be where the grenade SHOULD have landed.

All very odd and I suspect many people, now this is out in the open, will be making use of it to their own advantage. I’d expect the next Battlefield 4 patch to resolve this, though (unless that shield is quite fundamental to the games dynamics, in which case it may be a harder thing to resolve).

Why is it there? There’s no need to protect somebody who’s dead and, if revived, there’s certainly no shield then as it’s quite possible to get immediately killed again (tell me about it!). An odd issue for sure.

Meantime, it’s been reported to Jaqub Ajmal, the QA Project Lead at DICE. He had the following response on Twitter…

So, they’re certainly aware – let’s hope for a fix soon.

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