Battlefield 4 Multi Class Exploit *UPDATED*

The video below demonstrates a new exploit that has been found which allows you to mix gadgets across two different classes – e.g. an RPG with ammo pack.

It was originally thought it just allowed you to mix the weapon of one class with the gadgets of another (e.g. a recon rifle with assault gadgets) but it turns out it’s worse (or better, depending on your point of view) than that.

All that’s required for the glitch to work is to pick a class, and select one gadget while leaving the other slot open, then for the next class, do the same but in reverse. When spawning, hit the appropriate buttons to move to the next class and then back to the original (R1 and L1 for the PlayStation, R buttons on the Xbox or Shift and CTRL on PC) in sequence and you will now spawn with a combined class.

DICE have already said that anybody caught using this will have their stats reset.

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  1. Jocelyn Brune said this on July 31, 2014

    Umm, what’s your source for : ”DICE have already said that anybody caught using will have their stats reset.” I simply don’t believe you. There’s almost 20,000 players using this glitch right now and the numbers are rising day by day. It’s not like it’s a third program allowing your character to see through walls or aimbot your enemies. It’s a pure evolution of the class system that was already in-game. I bet the devs already knew about this and used it too. It’s so simple, it blew my mind when I found out. Now get your facts straight and prepare 4 modern warfare. The battlefield is changing faster than you think.

    • Have you actually watched the video? You have to go through a specific sequence to use the exploit – this isn’t intentional in anyway. It also gives you an advantage, mixing combinations of weapons and gadgets that others don’t have access to.

      As to the source of the stats reset – this has come from the comments for the YouTube video itself. A user states that he regularly reports anyone he catches doing this as it is against the game’s EULA and, as a consequence, players get their stats reset. It makes the most sense, as it ensures that any advantage someone got from using an exploit or glitch is lost.

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