Battlefield 4: Multiplayer Tutorial of Defuse

Take turns in trying to detonate a bomb at the enemy base. Quick rounds are played out and the team with most won rounds wins the game.


  • No redeploy – if all players on your team die you lose the round
  • Attackers can plant and detonate a bomb at one of the two enemy objectives to win a round
  • The team that wins the most rounds wins the match


  • Green – Squad
  • Blue – Friendly
  • Red – Enemy
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Relatively recent convert to Battlefield but now hooked. Not the best aim or sharpest reflexes but good team player. Hates people complaining unnecessarily and believes you should always offer solutions - yes, I'm looking at all the Battlefield 4 haters. General IT bod during the day and all-round geek at all other times. Owner of

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