Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Details

Full details of the next Battlefield 4 DLC have been announced.

Naval Strike takes the intense and dramatic water-based combat introduced in Battlefield 4 to the next level with a new amphibious vehicle and four all-new maps set in the South China Sea.

Highlights include…

  • Four naval maps – Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar. These 4 all-new maps set in the South China Sea are designed for intense naval action among shipping docks, fishing villages, and rocky islands.
  • Carrier Assault mode – an homage to Battlefield 2142’s Titan mode, the Carrier Assault mode challenges you to bring down a huge aircraft carrier of the enemy team by launching missiles.
  • A hovercraft – Use the new amphibious ACV Hovercraft to travel seamlessly between land and water, and take insane shortcuts to get the upper hand in the naval battles.

A Battlelog update on the 4th March also revealed details of additional weapons and assignments…

  • 11 new assignments
  • 5 new weapons – AR-160, SR-2, AWS, SR338 and SW40.
  • 2 new gadgets – M320 3GL (a three-round semi-automatic 40mm grenade launcher for the assault class) and AA Mine (this contains a single-use surface-to-air missile that will track and lock onto enemy aircraft. It’s for the engineer class).
  • 1 additional “vehicle”, other than the hovercraft, is an old fashioned cannon that can used

Naval Strike will be available from 25th March for Premium members.


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