Battlefield 4 Phantom Initiate Password FOUND

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new Phantom Initiate assignment. Now the password has been found.

How To Unlock The Assignment

  • In Battlelog open Leaderboards and select the General tab.
  • Click on the small skulls symbol which is in the bottom left-hand corner – Phantom icon
  • This will start off a “boot” style sequence, ending with it prompting for a password
  • The Password is “24344241893” (don’t include the quotes). Press Enter.

The assignment is now unlocked. To get the prizes (3 special camos, pictured below) you need to get 200 LMG kills, 50 kills with explosives and 25 roadkills.

Now go forth and grab those camos!

US Camo Russia Camo China Camo

How Was It Worked Out?

Last week Jackfrags posted a video with initial thoughts, involving a number of symbols that could be found in the Dragon’s Teeth maps…

However, at this point the resulting password was still illusive. DICE member jjju posted a number of mathematical operators in his Battlelog gravatar, which provided further hints. In the end, a number of users got together on IRC and cracked it. Here are the notes they made that lead them to the end result…

  • Grab the symbols from the map (the hexagrams, not the trigrams)
  • From jjju’s barcode int, people mapped those to unicode values: 0x4dc0, 0x4dc0, 0x4dc1, 0x4dc2, 0x4dc4, 0x4dc7, 0x4dcc, 0x4dd4
  • People also mapped those to the fibonacci sequence (with the value those symbols have in chinese mythology or something): 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21. This gives us an order. Now it turns out you need to take them from largest to smallest, and I got this idea from the battle log console that references the ‘max’ function.
  • jjju’s formula was pretty explicit showing we were looking for a polynomial, it was missing mostly which value to use as factor and where to start end.
  • Today’s graph picture shows a function that 1) tends to -inf when evaluated at -inf and tends to inf when evaluated at inf. This tells us that the highest x power is odd. 2) It doesn’t cross the origin. And when you look at the graph and evaluates what’s the function value is at the origin, you get a value between 19000 and 20000. This is exactly the range of value of the unicode char. This also tells us that the polynomial has a x0 term. We have 8 unicode values that map from x0 to x7
  • From a chat in game from another dev, we had ‘X marks the spot’ and ‘the greek X’, which people assumed was related to the console saying CHI = 7.25154120937236. So this gives us the point to evaluate at. The console also mentions the ‘floor’ function which tells us to ignore the decimal part of the result.

In the end :
f = 19924 * x0 + 19916 * x1 + 19911 * x2 + 19908 * x3 + 19906 * x4 + 19905 * x5 + 19904 * x6 + 19904 * x7
f(7.25154120937236) = 24344241893.00018
=> passcode = 24344241893

Got that? No, me neither. But you can read more, including all the appropriate acknowledgements on the Reddit thread.

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