Battlefield 4 Phantom Initiate

A new DLC these days spells a new Phantom Program puzzle to solve. This time, Dragon’s Teeth brings us Phantom Initiate.

The Assignment should already be listed on Battlelog…
Phantom Initiate

As always, a password is required to unlock the requirements (let alone achieve them) but the requirements are known…

  • Get 200 LMG kills
  • Get 50 kills with explosives
  • Get 25 roadkills

The prize is a Phantom Weapon and the following 3 camos…

US Camo Russia Camo China Camo

Probably not unrelated you may also spy a new Dog Tag…

Phantom Initiate Dog Tag

If you scan the QR code on it you’ll be taken to the URL, which simply directs to your Emblem editor. However, doing this will unlock the dog tag.

Is this related? Well, the covered name on the tag is still, just about, visible – Kevin Simpson, the character from the last Phantom program.

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