Battlefield 4 Phantom Program – Password Found

The password for the Battlefield 4 Phantom Program assignment has been worked out!

How To Unlock The Assignment

  • In Battlelog open Leaderboards and select the General tab.
  • Click on the small skulls symbol which is in the bottom left-hand corner – Phantom icon
  • This will start off a “boot” style sequence, ending with it prompting for a password
  • The Password is “epic dream worlds” (don’t include the quotes but include the spaces). Press Enter.
  • If you find the password doesn’t work try entering the original password first – “bumpinthenight”.

The assignment is now unlocked. To get the prize (a special camo paint) you need to get 200 kills with pistols, 20 kills in a jet and get 2X shotgun ribbons in a round (in a round). I’ve read that you need to get the first two requirements before you can get the final one.

Now go forth and grab that camo!

Who Worked It Out?

EPIC – discovered by fredwilsonn (at the time of writing this Fred has already got the assignment!)
DREAM – discovered by illAdvised_Adict
WORLDS – discovered by Tammovic

How Was It Worked Out?

Ok, this is where it gets complicated. JackFrags explains it a lot clearer in the video below but here, in a nutshell, is what lead to each word.

If you remember, on a locker on one of the new maps was the name Kevinsimpson1942. Not only did they have a Battlelog entry but a website. The site, confirmed to have been created by a member of DICE, contained a static picture and some odd, ambient background sounds.

EPIC can be found by looking at the source code of the website and finding the filename of the background audio. Download that and put into an audio editor. View the results as a spectrogram and near the end you’ll see the word “EPIC”.

DREAM was found from the picture on the website. Each letter was represented in a different form. The letter A was literal as it was the shape of a ladder in the image. All the others were the various symbols shown throughout the picture – e.g. the 50 on the bottle is “D” in roman numerals, the 3-pronged symbols on the ladder is a runic symbol for M, the R was in morse code, and the E was in the Wingdings font.

WORLDS is what is represented by Kevin Simpson’s Battlelog emblem – a number of planets (which increased in number over time).

As JackFrags rightly points out, a lot of clues didn’t point to anything here and DICE are pushing people to continue digging – it certainly all suggests that more Easter Eggs are hidden.


Article re-written

I’ve re-written the article to reflect the information that has come to light since

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