Battlefield 4 – The Phantom Program

When China Rising was released an interesting new assignment appears – The Phantom Prospect. Clicking on an icon in Battlelog prompted for a password – the password was derived from 14 Braille statues located throughout the China Rising expansion pack. Each Braille statue contained a number corresponding to a letter in the alphabet – re-arranged these letters spelt “bumpinthenight”. Only once that was entered it would reveal what actions you needed to perform to get the dog tags that were offered.

Now that Naval Strike is out the follow-up has been revealed – The Phantom Program. How will it to be unlocked? Well, this time it appears it’s going to be far more devious than even before.

Battlefield expert Jackfrags has already been gathering the clues and, although the answer is not yet known, it’s obvious a lot of time has been spent on making this one as tricky as possible.

If you have any theories don’t forget to add a comment to the video.

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