Battlefield 4 Player Ping Details Coming to Console Owners

PC owners of Battlefield have, for a while, had a number of features available relating to player pings. Now those features are being introduced to consoles.

DICE developer t1gge has now confirmed that the latter feature will be added to the console version of the game in the next release, and possibly the former…

Adding ping kick (on non official servers) and ping numbers to console scoreboards (as an option) is possible, we are for sure doing the latter for next release.

In summary, the two features are…

  1. Display a player’s ping rate on the scoreboard (the image at the top of this article shows this in use for PC owners). This will be switch able (as, I suspect, getting this information may slow the scoreboard display).
  2. Allowing “ping kick” on non-official servers – essentially players can be kicked if their ping rate is above a certain rate.

Why would you want any of this? Players will poor ping rates gain a tactical advantage because they may not be where they appear to you in the game, hence what looks like a direct shot at them may miss. These tools will allow console players to identify those players who may be gaining such an advantage.

Additionally, high ping rates from some players can slow the game for everybody else – again, these tools can identify those people who may be causing problems.

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