Battlefield 4 Private Servers Now Available!

Yesterday private servers for consoles were finally made available for Battlefield 4. Without having to install any game updates you should find that they now appear in the BF4 menus.

This will let you set up your own private and public Battlefield 4 servers, with control of different options from player count to map rotation.

How to Rent a Server

Start up Battlefield 4, go to the Multiplayer menu and select “My Rented Servers”. Here you’ll be able to rent a new server and manage the ones you’ve already rented.

After choosing server location and duration of the rental, the purchase is complete. You can find your server under MULTIPLAYER / MY SERVERS. After this server settings, like game modes, map rotation, and much more can be altered.

Rental Periods and Prices

You can rent a Battlefield 4 server on console for a number of different days. The price for renting a server is as follows:

1 day – $1.49 / £1.19
7 days – $6.99 / £5.49
30 days – $24.99  / £19.99
90 days – $59.99 / £47.99

The conversion to GBP has, once again, screwed over those in the UK – $60 is currently equivalent to £35, yet the UK is being charged £48 for a 90 day rental. Even taking into account differences in taxes, this is still a premium that the UK is having to pay.

Xbox One

No sooner has this gone live then an issue was found with private servers for Xbox One owners. Therefore, the option has been temporarily removed for those on this console.

If you’d already rented a server before this time you’ll still have access to it but you won’t be able to access all the management features.

Limited Servers

Because this is a “soft launch” of the Rent-A-Server program EA will initially have a limited amount of servers. They will increase the numbers gradually when they see that everything is running as intended. This makes sense – no point rolling out lots of servers and then find issues. Best to get it right on a small number before a full rollout.

Personally, I’m waiting for a little while before committing – let EA get the issues resolved before spending my money.

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