Battlefield 4 and the Road Ahead

As announced in December, a lifeline has been given to Battlefield 4, in that DICE have announced new content will be made available in 2015. Some further information on that content has now been released, and much of it is related to the March release of Battlefield Hardline.

None-the-less, content is content. Every Wednesday from now until the release of Battlefield Hardline on March 17th, DICE will be release content such as..

  • Gold Battlepacks
  • Community Missions
  • Hardline-themed Dog Tags
  • Exclusive wallpaper
  • …and more

As to what “and more” means is yet to be revealed but a community mission for this week, if completed, will unlock Heist mode in the forthcoming Hardline beta.

As to a new DLC, no further details have been revealed, but make sure you vote for your favourite past maps that you’d like to see return.

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