Battlefield 4 Server Types

Rented servers have been around for a while now but there’s still some confusion over the different types.

Technically, there are 4 types of BF4 server – Official, Ranked, Unranked and Private.

Official Servers only allow access to a few server settings which are very restricted. Server admins cannot kick or switch players around. Missions can only be tracked here. Awards, scores and unlocks will also be recorded. Players land on these types of servers when using Quick Match.

Ranked Servers are servers that allow mixed game modes and are more flexible with setting ranges. Server admins are allowed to kick and switch players around as well as change ticket totals. Ranked Servers record awards, scores and unlocks. Players will be unable to Quick Match into Ranked Servers, but they can find them via the Server Browser.

Unranked Servers do not track awards, scores and unlocks to be applied towards players’ career progressions. This allows for a much wider range of settings to adjust giving players the chance to have freedom on the server. These servers will only be visible via the Server Browser.

Private Servers can apply the same rules as unranked but passwords can be set. These servers are used for team warm-ups, training grounds, team wars etc. These servers only show up in the Server Browser.

I hope this clears things up – let me know if any need further explanation.

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