Battlefield 4 Shortcut Kits are Live

As part of Player Appreciation Month, for a limited time, free downloads are available for BF4 that will allow you to unlock all hand guns and, if you’re a Premium member, DMRs. These will be available from February 18th to February 24th.

From February 25th until March 4th you’ll be able to download, instead, all grenades and, if you’re Premium, Shotguns.

How to claim your Shortcut Kits

PC Owner

  • Login to Battlelog.
  • Go to the “Store” section.
  • Find the Shortcut Kit priced at 0 cost.
  • Click “Download”.
  • Proceed through the Origin checkout to be granted your Shortcut Kit.

PC Owner (Battlefield 4 Premium Member)

  • Click on the “PREMIUM GIVEAWAY” button at the bottom of this news story.
  • A success message will display in green at the top of Battlelog if successful.
  • You have now been granted the Shortcut Kit.

Console Owner

  • Go to the in-game Store.
  • Either click on the Shortcut Kit banner or proceed to view “All Items”.
  • Find the Shortcut Kit priced at 0 cost.
  • Premium users will also see a second Shortcut Kit priced at 0 cost.
  • Download each item to be granted your Shortcut Kit(s).
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2 responses to Battlefield 4 Shortcut Kits are Live

  1. Mavviehue said this on February 19, 2014

    Is this cheating?

    • Technically, no. But I guess different people will have different personal views on this. BF3 always had weapon downloads available at cost and I guess this is no different (except they’re now free).

      Personally, I rarely use the weapon groups they’re giving away so if I downloaded them they’d have little effect on the way I play.

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