Battlefield 4 Top 10 Infantry Tactics

BattlefieldPortal has kindly created a video demonstrating a top 10 of infantry tactics to really help improve your Battlefield 4 experience.

Here’s a run down of the sections they cover…

  1. Knowing Your Weapon System and Playing Its Role
  2. Recoil Control Methods
  3. Burst Firing
  4. Aiming For The Head
  5. Quick Transmissions from Enemy to Enemy when in Close Quarter battle
  6. Target Priority
  7. Knowing When to Reload
  8. Dialling In your Sensitivity
  9. Playing from Cover & Body Positioning
  10. Mini-Map and Situational Awareness

Personally, I don’t agree with number 4. Unless you have an excellent aim then aiming for the chest is best as muzzle climb will then ensure as many bullets as possible hit the enemy – if you aim for the head and your muzzle climbs you may just miss.

What do you think – all good advice?

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