Battlefield 4: Top 5 Ways to Stop Roof Campers

I hate camping snipers. And there’s nothing worse than being constantly taken out by one, hugging a rooftop with no one apparently able to stop them. So, here are the top 5 ways to show some revenge.

5. Snipe Back

Yeah, yeah, you become a douche too if you do this but sniping back at them from the ground is a sure way to eliminate them. Of course, they may have a spawn beacon set-up and return within a matter of seconds…

4. Spawn Beacon Assault

Set up a spawn beacon, on the ground, near to the building. Spawn on this and, when you parachute down, negotiate onto the roof. Melee the offending camper for added satisfaction.

3. Commander Mode

I’ve covered this in a previous post but the Commander deploying a gunship or sending a well designated cruise missile the camper’s way is almost guaranteed to take out any rooftop snipers. If using the latter make sure you zoom into the map before deploying the missile to ensure the rooftop is accurately targeted.

2. XM25 Airburst attack

Firing the Airburst over the head of the sniper, when done well, is a quick and easy way to take down a sniper. The video below may help you in using this tricky weapon.

1. Helicopter

Roof campers hate helicopters. That’s why so many of them use Designated Marksman Rifles – they can use those and bring anti-air weapons from the Engineer kit.

Before you set off make sure your best repair person is with you and you’re equipped with 25mm cannons. The campers will soon try to vacate the roof but don’t let them get away – they must be punished for their crimes!

Thanks for Prima Games for some of the content of this article.

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  1. Great article , I think I will take the Helicopter approach 🙂

  2. XM25 Airburst is the most satisfying way.

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