Battlefield 4 – What DICE Should Be Thinking About

It’s already been acknowledged that BF4 will be available for the PS4 and other “next gen” consoles, which is great news.

However, amongst some of the more obvious things (better graphics, more players) that might might make up a new BF, here are my suggestions for other things DICE should maybe think about…

  1. Deaths / Kills / Wins / Loses. These are often used to determine a player’s skill but aren’t always an accurate reflection. For example, get kicked by a server admin so they can let their friends on and it registers as a loss. Get moved across teams by an admin and that’s a death. What gives? Make it so that these truly reflect what has happened – admins shouldn’t be able to cause these. Kills and Deaths should be just that. Wins and loses can be more difficult if a player quits part way through a game. Instead of registering this as a loss, why not simply record it based on the final conclusion of the game. So, if I have to go out and quit a long game part way through, if my side win in the end I get a win, otherwise a loss.
  2. When viewing available games it should give me more information. How often have you looked for a specific game, joined and then found it’s pretty much finished. I think it should show total tickets (when the game started) and whatever is the lowest ticket remaining(or equivalents for other game types). This can allow you to make a decision as to whether it’s worth joining or not.
  3. Make Quick Games better. So, I chose a quick game of Caspian Border Conquest and I ended up on Metro Rush. Why? Because the server just finished the former and has just moved to the latter. Either that or the quick game drops me into a game that’s nearly over. I’m sure this could be done better.
  4. Drop the single player. It’s not particularly good and people generally buy BF these days for the online gaming.
  5. Introduce a training mode. This was the biggest problem for me when I first joined BF – finding somewhere to practise and try things out (reasons why I’m still rubbish in the air). Create an offline map, replete with weapons, vehicles, etc, where you can run around and try things out without any deaths registering against you.
  6. More sides. With BF3 you have just Russia and US so et’s have some more. It was rumoured that with Aftermath they’d introduce Iranians. They didn’t.

I have looked around on the internet for discussions on such wishlists. Most are on BF related forums and consist of the following requests…

  1. Remove a game mode that they don’t like – Rush, for example.
  2. Remove weaponry that makes it difficult to do what they like – for example, remove stinger for people who like flying. My favourite is the person who suggested “implement actual jet physics”. Ok. But, then he suggests “remove the sun”. Yeah, for that added realism.
  3. Make it like Battlefield 2. Yawn.
  4. Berate EA / Dice.

Usually their next line is something along the lines of “but, yeah, Dice won’t do it because they’re full of BS”. No, Dice won’t do this because you’ve provided stupid, selfish suggestions. Get over yourself.

Having said that, this is a great list.

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