Battlefield Futures – Enhanced Voice Features

Battlefield Futures is part of a series of articles suggesting changes/additions that could be potentially made to future Battlefield games.

With voice comms regularly being used for in-game communication it would make more sense to make better use of it.

Let’s set the scene – you’re laying in some scrub, hiding. You spot someone in the distance and communicate this to your squad via your microphone. Unbeknown to you, an enemy soldier was nearby. Unable to see you, he hears your communication and seeks you out.

As it stands now in-game voice comms can only be heard by your squad but wouldn’t the idea of people being overheard bring a new dimension to it? You’d find yourself whispering to squad mates, as would happen in real life?

Taking this further, new gadgets could take advantage of this. How about something that creates a comms dead zone, where you’ll find yourself unable to communicate with your team. Or how about an amplifier so that the lightest whisper is played out louder? Or something like a T-UGS but will remotely transmit any nearby comms to you, wherever you are on the map?

Of course, the problem with this would be getting people not to override it. On the PS4, for instance, you have Party Chat but that audio is still picked up by a game so could still be used. However, the PC is trickier with third party software, such as Teamspeak, not being quite so easy to override. But wouldn’t it be a great idea?

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