Battlefield Futures – Rumours of Battlefield 5 and More

For a while now there have been rumours that EA intend to replace Battlefield 4 after only a year, rather than the 2 years of Battlefield 3. Call of Duty is refreshed every year but that’s achieved by having 2 developers taking it in turns to release a title. DICE have stated in the past that they couldn’t release a new Battlefield every year. But after ditching Medal of Honor, EA has refocused its efforts on Battlefield and it will be keen to get greatest advantage from the franchise (or “money” if you’d prefer that term).

So, what’s the evidence that this is going to change? For a start you can see it in the release cycle.

Battlefield 3 was released in October 2011. The five DLCs were released in December 2011, June 2012, September, November and, finally, March 2013. The number of months between releases was 2, 7, 3, 2 and 4 respectively.

Battlefield 4 was release in October 2013. The first 3 DLCs were released in December 2013, February 2014 and March 2014 (2, 3 and 1 month between them). It’s rumoured (but not confirmed) that the last 2 DLCs will be released in May and September. That last date seems to be a bit out-of-kilter with the others and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sooner. Those final dates certainly fit in with the much quicker DLC release that we’ve had so far. But it also means that Battlefield 4 will, indeed, be complete (DLC wise) within a year.

Dead Space developer Visceral Games has been recently hiring notable FPS developers for a “next gen shooter” and the suggestion is that they will be working on a Battlefield title for 2014. The rumour is that it will be a Police-themed variation of Battlefield, although what the source of this is has yet to be determined. Never-the-less, it’s said that the title has the codename of “Havana”.

DICE would then be free to work on their next Battlefield title for 2015.

What do you think?

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