Battlefield Futures – Tactical Balls

Battlefield Futures is part of a series of articles suggesting changes/additions that could be potentially made to future Battlefield games. Tell us what you think of them.

I got this idea from a recent episode of CSI, where the lights in a room were switched off and a ball is rolled into the room, which then starts strobing very brightly. It complete disorients those inside.

Tactical BallsApparently, though, such an item would probably not be used tactically as such a bright strobe would also put off the attackers. Instead, a genuine equivalent exists, less bright but with the same intentions. Tactical Balls (I didn’t make up the name) are small, lightweight, water resistant and shock resistant, they are concentric and weighted so they will wobble and spin all around when rolled or tossed into a room, then land light up to backlight the bad guy. The bad guy gets distracted and this buys you time to make your move.

There is even an IR equivalent to distract those using IR sites or night vision googles.

This could really add to the Levolution effect – kills the lights, throw a ball (like you would a grenade) behind the enemy, distracting them before taking them down.

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