Battlefield Hardline CTE is now available

The Battlefield Hardline Community Test Environment (CTE) is now live on PC. Just like the CTE for Battlefield 4, the purpose is to test fixes for gameplay, fine-tune balancing, and try out upcoming content before it gets into the game. One of the first things they will perfect through the CTE is Netcode on the Downtown map.

How to Access the CTE

This community program will be playable on PC only. However, the goal is for the learnings to benefit all platforms when possible. To access the CTE, you will need to be a Battlefield Hardline Premium member on either PC or consoles. Then you’ll have download a separate game client and connect to an infrastructure and Battlelog version solely set up for testing purposes.

  • Visit Battlefield Hardline CTE
  • Click Sign-up to join the Community Test Environment.
  • Read and accept the Terms of Service and Agreement
  • Log into Origin with your existing account username and password (your account must have Premium activated in order to proceed).
  • Start Origin and download the new Battlefield Hardline CTE game client that now should be visible in the My Games library.
  • Install the Battlelog browser plugin when prompted, or use the orange arrow icon on the top menu bar.
  • Make certain that your browser is not blocking pop-ups. Check the browser address bar to unblock Battlelog if so.
  • Review the CTE Guide pop-up.
  • You can find more information about the CTE by Battlefield Hardline CTE Forums.
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