Battlefield Hardline – Everything We Know So Far

As initial details about Battlefield Hardline are publicly, and not so publicly, announced we will update this article with the definitive list of “what we know” facts and rumours. Please return to this page regularly to find out the latest on the next Battlefield game.

What’s The Game About?

It’s a brand new series in the Battlefield franchise, set against the backdrop of a genre we all love – the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals.

Who’s written it?

Not DICE. Visceral Games, best known for the Dead Space series of games, has been recruiting FPS developers for a while

Does the game use Frostbite?

Yes, it uses Frostbite 3, as also used by Battlefield 4.

Will the game use Battlelog?

As early leaks about the game came through  game data, such as unlock images, being added to Battlelog this would strongly suggest it will be the case.

What are the maps?

High Tension, Bank, Bloodout, Desert 05, Hollywood Hills and Growhouse Eastside.

What Vehicles and Weapons will there be?

We know this through the leak of Battlelog image assets and by examination of the Beta code. Vehicles are mainly helicopters and a large range of vans, trucks and cars. Weapons include M93R Hand Gun, M1911 Hand Gun, RS357 Magnum, MAC-10 Personal Defense Weapon, M240B Light Machine-Gun, SR-25 ECC Designated Marksman Rifle, L96A1 Bolt-Action Rifle, SMAW Launcher, and the M18 Smoke Grenade.

See the vehicle and weapon images here.

What game modes are there?

Turf War, Blood Money, Hotwire, Heist, Crosshair, Rescue and Hacker.

What classes are available?

There are 4 classes – Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer, Professional.

When it going to be released?

October 21st, 2014, according to the Hardline website, but Amazon lists the date as October 24th.

Age Rating

A PEGI 18 rating has been applied for in Europe.

Who’s doing the music?

The music is likely to be provided by the British composer Paul Leonard Morgan, producer and artist who created the Dredd film soundtrack.

What platforms will it be for?

It will be available on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

Is there a Beta?

Currently for PC and PS4, you can sign up for access at By playing the beta you’ll receive some additional rewards…

  • Weapon camo/skin in Battlefield Hardline
  • Weapon sight in Battlefield Hardline
  • Additional Battlefield Hardline content
  • Unique dog tag in Battlefield 4

The Battlefield Hardline gear will be available when the game is released, whereas the Battlefield 4 unique dog tag will be available in the game next month.

When will the Beta be available for other platforms?

It won’t. According to Dan Mitre, EA Community Manager…

How much will it cost?

Battlefield Hardline is already available for pre-order on PC at, or via the Origin desktop client. The standard edition is £49.90 and the digital deluxe edition is £10 more at £59.90.

On the PlayStation store it is available for pre-order for £54.99 or £10 more for the digital deluxe edition.

Alternatively, you can pre-order the game for any platform from retailers (the PC version doesn’t appear to be available in the UK, although it’s listed).

  • At they cost £40 – £45, depending on platform. No deluxe edition is currently available.
  • At all versions are $59.99 and $69.99 for the deluxe edition.

It would appear the Digital Deluxe edition and Deluxe editions are the same. They includes the Versatility Battlepack, Supression Battlepack, and Precision Battlepack. These feature unique assault rifles, weapon camos and XP boosts. Plus, you’ll receive 10 Gold Battlepacks that contain combinations of weapon accessories, patches and emblems, XP boosts, and character customization items. These Gold Battlepacks are delivered once a week starting from your initial game activation.

Additionally, no details have been released of premium options, etc, as per the standard Battlefield model (but I’d expect them).

Official Images


Although my copy of the leaked trailer was pulled from YouTube, Game Spot have been able to retain theirs.

And the following is a video of beta gameplay…

However, Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis has stated that…

The first official trailer, titled “Into The Jungle”…

Six minutes of multiplayer footage…


3rd June – Leaked trailer and gameplay videos added. platforms are now known and it’s now available for pre-order at retailers.

6th June – Official trailer, Into The Jungle, added along with some screenshots.

10th June – Added details from E3 announcement.

11th June – Added revised pre-order prices along with details of what’s contained in deluxe editions.

16th June – Added additional information based on extracts found in Beta code.

17th June – Added additional official images.

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