Battlefield Hardline – My First Thoughts on the Beta

It’s been around 5 days since I started playing Hardline and I’ve put in 1.5 hours. Not much, but that may tell you how much I’m enjoying it. If I had to summarise it now I’d say “it’s growing on me”. Getting together with friends helped but so did playing Blood Money, which I much preferred over the Heist game type.

Battlefield Hardline, if you didn’t know (where have you been?), is a “cops and robbers” game wrapped in the Battlefield universe. Written by Visceral it’s blatantly based on Battlefield 4 (down to menus, icons, etc). Indeed, last night I experienced a bug that existed in early versions of Battlefield 4 (but has since been fixed). They’re using Frostbite and even have the Levolution effects from BF4.

The graphics look… okay. There’s something not right about them that I can’t quite put my finger. They look, in a way, less realistic than BF4. So far no lag issues have been experienced and, although I know they exist, I’ve not seen any bugs – for a product 5 months away from release this is very promising.

My main issue comes from the fact that it’s new, different and, by extension, strange. I felt the same when BF4 came out and kept returning to BF3 until I “got used to it”. Time will tell.

I was gaming with somebody yesterday that really doesn’t like Hardline. His argument was that “it’s not Battlefield. It’s fighting in the streets of Los Angeles. How can that be Battlefield?”. This came minutes after he stated how the Battlefield 4 map “Siege of Shanghai” is one of his favourites… you know, where you fight in the streets of Shanghai. For some reason his argument didn’t work for me.

The problem, echoed by many others that I’ve spoken to, is that it’s simply not different enough from Battlefield 4 to make us want to part with more money (consider that the game will be around £50 and it will be about £40 for Premium, that’s a big outlay). Visceral have been working on this game since 2012 – for that amount of time I’d have expected something that bore a lot less relation to an existing title.

Of course, the fact that we have only 2 game types and a single map means that the Beta is restrictive – playing the same map all the time gets boring quite quickly. With 5 months until release we can only hope that they change the map in the Beta at regular intervals.

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