Battlefield Hardline Officially Announced

The next Battlefield title has been officially announced – Battlefield Hardline.

Rumoured for some time, and confirming that EA are now putting Battlefield into an annual cycle of updates, it will be unveiled at E3 on June 12th. Steve Papoutsis, Vice President and General Manager of Visceral Games, has also taken to the EA blog to provide some further details.

The game launches this fall and it’s a brand new series in the Battlefield franchise, set against the backdrop of a genre we all love – the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals.

After a Battlelog update yesterday, Koen Vlaswinkel found details of the new game in Battlelog’s CSS. It was soon after this that EA officially announced the game.

Created by Visceral, rather than DICE, it will involve Police and criminals. It’s highly likely to use Frostbite and Battlelog. Game modes include “Blood Money” and “Heist” (possibly a Rush-style game). There are 4 classes – Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer, Professional.

And in yet another leak a seven minute long gameplay trailer has emerged. The video appears to be an internal one intended for EA eyes only, as the game is still referred to as Omaha – one of its many codenames before they settled on the name Hardline. However, EA has now clamped down on public copies of this video (on YouTube, for instance) and they have been removed. At the very least it confirms that they are genuine.

Below is the official poster for the game and, below that, all the assets found by Koen. Click on any for a larger image.

Battlefield Hardline


Logo - large

Logo - small


Team Badges

Swat Thieves







Weapon Accessories

Weapon Accessories

Weapon Accessory Icons

Weapon Accessory Icons

Vehicle Icons


Vehicle Unlocks

Vehicle unlocks


Screenshot 3 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 1

Leaked Video and additional information added

A leaked video for the game has been added to the article. I have also updated the name of the game (no colon) and appended some comments made by Visceral Games.

Video removed

Probably not surprisingly, EA has requested YouTube to remove all instances of the video for copyright reasons. I have therefore removed the video from this article.

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