Battlefield Hardline: Rescue Mode

In this new trailer you’ll get a taste of the new Rescue mode, with the illegal growing operation of the map Growhouse as backdrop. Here it’s your job as a SWAT team member to rescue hostages – using any means necessary. Players will need to be precise in Rescue because there are no second chances.

In Rescue, SWAT has three minutes to force entry into the criminals’ barricaded hostage locations and rescue the hostages. There are no respawns in this mode, so if you’re dead – you’re out of the round. The mode is played round-after-round for a series of rounds, with the team winning the most times being the overall match winner.

Sound plays a critical role in this mode – listening for enemies as they move or reposition can give you that split-second advantage you need that makes the difference between winning the fight – or losing and sitting out! There are lots of ways to use this – do you want to throw out a decoy to distract the enemy? Are you trying to trick the enemy by opening doors you don’t plan on going through? Are you trying to distract the enemy with spurious movement sounds?

Doors that can be opened and closed are a huge factor in tactical play. Whether you’re listening or watching for a door to open to trigger an explosive, unleash a fusillade of fire, or maneuver into a good position, that door is a key factor in play. You might find some clever tactics where you control the state of the door – open or closed – and when that state is changed, you know someone has passed that way, even if you didn’t hear it.

There are also a number of objects you can interact with – turn on a radio to cover the sound of your footsteps, start a fire to conceal your movements or blow a hole in the wall for a new entry point. There are defib pickups, medical stations, ammo lockers, and more distributed in the map for tactical use.

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