Battlefield Hardline – Weapons, Game Modes and Maps REVEALED

Now that the Hardline Beta is out, it was never going to be long for somebody to unearth code, image or audio files to give further information about the game

One YouTube user has found the following weapons: M93R Hand Gun, M1911 Hand Gun, RS357 Magnum, MAC-10 Personal Defense Weapon, M240B Light Machine-Gun, SR-25 ECC Designated Marksman Rifle, L96A1 Bolt-Action Rifle, SMAW Launcher, and the M18 Smoke Grenade. Watch his video here…

He also claims to have discovered the names of the maps – High Tension, Bank, Bloodout, Desert 05, Hollywood Hills and Growhouse Eastside.

Game modes are Turf War, Blood Money, Hotwire, Heist, Crosshair, Rescue, and Hacker. It’s thought that Turf War may be Hardline’s equivalent to Conquest.

Reddit user SkacikPL went through the game’s audio files in order to discover various dialogue snippets related to new game modes, maps and weapons. Content he found was…

Desert 05 – Hostage rescue (no offiical map name so far) – Hostage rescue against gang running a methamphetamine lab.

Turf war on High Tension – SkacikPL believes this is most likely a domination cameo as in recent interviews a Visceral employee said that Conquest is not included in Hardline.

Additionally, he found…

  • Hostage sound files (mainly variations of words “hey/over here/help me/” with one exception of “Hey man cut me loose”)
  • Molotovs/incendiary – Sound files indicate the existence of incendiary bombs, whilst ingame weapon name states Molotov. Most likely will stay as incendiary as currently it uses BF4 incendiary grenade particle effects.
  • Map called “Growhouse” will have a levolution event with a van blowing up.
  • There is a singleplayer level nicknamed “Chop Shop”, which most likely is a warehouse raided by a player (it will end up in flames).
  • Sound files containing impact sounds of empty .45 shell on various surfaces (nicknamed Distraction bullet). May indicate that Single Player has stealth mechanics.

Here’s a transcript of the audio so far discovered…

And here is the audio itself…

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