Battlefield Hardline – Which Options To Use

Based (it would appear) on Battlefield 4 the options screens in Battlefield Hardline are pretty much identical. That means all the previous advice on audio, HUD and sensitivity are the same. I would strongly recommend that all these options are visited and revised.

The exception, for console owners, is the controls. Battlefield 4 included a set of controls heavily revised from Battlefield 3. For those who were not comfortable with those (I wasn’t) you could make various changes to reset them to what you were used to.

Hardline, however, appears to have copied the controls directly from Battlefield 3 but with one minor change – the prone and melee buttons are reversed. The answer to this is to set “Agent Buttons” to Classic, as per the following…

Battlefield™ Hardline Beta_20140612201107

And, yes, I have since changed my sensitivity option 😉

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