Battlefield Platoon & Presets Update from DICE

Once again, Reddit has provided a source of information with regard to Battlefield 4. This time Reddit user DICE_TheBikingViking, who happens to be Battlelog Producer for DICE, has provided some tidbits of information with regard to the recently introduced platoons and loadout presets.

Extracting from the discussion, below are a series of questions and answers that have come out of a result, along with a couple of sections to discuss some very specific news. But, to save you that scrolling, here are the highlights…

  • Player management is on its way
  • The minimum requirements to add to your platoon score will soon be dropped to 2 players but you will score much higher the more members are playing together
  • A new version of the in-game Battlelog is on its way!
  • The mobile app is going to get platoon, chat and emblem editing features


Q. The only thing I am having issues with is joining on my friends within the ingame version of battlelog. It seems to show them in game in a server and then if I am not quick enough they bounce to the offline section and I will have to refreash (sic) it to make them show up on a server again.

A. We have actually been working on a completely revamped version of the in-game Battlelog to e.g. improve performance and also squash some bugs, which we have started to rollout now for PC, and later we’ll do it for PS4 and Xbox One as well.

Q. Is there any chance you guys are working on showing the current score on the server on the mobile app?

A. You mean Live Scoreboard in the mobile app? Well, currently the Live Scoreboard relies on the Battlelog Plugin to get this data, so with that setup, it’s not possible to do on mobile. However, a group has been working on decoupling it from the plugin and make it into a cloud service, which would allow us to display this info in the mobile app also.

Q. Is there any… plans to bring more of the platoon functionality to [mobile] platforms?

A. Yes, I think one of our top priorities for Platoons right now is to bring it to mobile/tablet in one way or another. Maybe a very simple version to begin with and then add more later. Right now, there’s especially three things we want to bring to the tablet and mobile app: – Platoons – Emblem Editor – Chat.  We’ll see which happens first 🙂

Q. Are the 360/PS3 ever going to get the more sophisticated version of in-game Battlelog that the XB1/PS4 have?

A. It’s not possible due to tech limitations for the 360/PS3 unfortunately, sorry

Q. I’m not entirely sure how your platoons feature works, I know it has to be 4 people in a game, but I’m hoping they also have to be on the same team

A. No, they don’t have to be on the same team. We felt that requirement would have been a bit too strict and potentially confusing to understand. And what if you switch teams during the round?

Q. It would be nice if switching between [presets] was in game

A. I’ve been discussing with [a colleague] to see what kind of effort it would take to at least make it possible to apply Presets via the in-game Battlelog

Q. I kind of wish anyone on my friends list, who’s also in a platoon with me, and active in game, would be highlighted in the “friends” sidebar. [Maybe] integrate platoons with recomended (sic) servers system?

A. It’s a good idea, and something that was actually brought up internally as an idea last week as well from one of our QA guys. The biggest worry about the Com Center integration is that Platoons can now be up to 200 people, and potentially more in the future. While it’s unlikely that all members would be playing at the same time, it’s still a scenario we have to take into account, and it could both cause performance hurdles and make the Com Center very cluttered.

Q. In leaderboards we have buttons like friends, city, country, world, is it possible to add there also platoon?

A. There’s no division system for friends, and probably wouldn’t be one with Platoons either. You need a lot more people…

Q. You could add a platoon tab on the in game battlelog for console to see who from your platoon is playing, and easily join their server.

A. Yup, definitely something we’d like to do at some point.

Q. I really like the Idea of platoons / putting together a squad to work toward a common goal.

A. We definitely want to introduce perks, but everything takes time, so we felt that initially it was important just to get a ranking system to have some sort of unified goal in the Platoon. It should still be mostly about the joy of playing together and the feeling of advancing together.

Q. The ability to schedule games within the platoons, linked to a server with an automatic reminder system (or maybe even an optional e-mail reminder) would make a lot more easy to play together for platoon members that can’t become friends because of the 100 limit and allow to plan our own playtime depending on our platoon.

A. Yeah, it’s been brought up before and could definitely be something to look into. We do see that the wall can partly be used for this; – Create a wall post for the “event” with a link to the server – Sticky the wall post so it remains at the top – People can comment to opt-in – You get notifications when someone reply to it, so when the match start, just be sure that someone writes on the wall

Q. [On the Xbox one] are you guys going to improve on this join game message. It’s the worst feature ever. I hate that it takes over all your controls until you press accept or deny. I never experienced this problem in BF3.

A. I believe this was a requirement from Microsoft due to how their Party system is set up.

Platoon Numbers

After the above there was a query raised about the fact that 4 platoon members are required to the platoon score – this is harder to achieve with smaller platoons. Initially the response was…

It’s something we continually discuss. It’s tough, because we really do want to encourage team play. But lately, we have been gravitating more and more towards lowering that requirement to two players, but increasing the “multiplier” that is added to the score you earn by being more players.

A few days later, they came back with a revised answer.

I have some good news. We discussed this some more today and some of the guys did some good work to get this updated, so as of the next Battlelog update: – Only 2 people from the Platoon will be required to play in a round (each person needs to have spent min. 3 minutes in the game) to generate stats and XP for the Platoon – The Platoon XP algorithm has been updated so the more players from the Platoon you play in the same round, more XP boost will be added

You heard it here – the next Battlelog update will change the requirement to just 2 platoon members but also give you more points the more members join in.

Platoon Management

When a question about platoon management came up this very interesting response came from DICE…

Don’t confuse Platoons with something like playgroups. I know a lot of you want that feature in BF4 – and if you’ve been paying attetion (sic), you’ve seen that something is on the way – but Platoons is not that.

I don’t know what attention I should have been paying but I hadn’t spotted the suggestion before. None-the-less, it looks as if some kind of player management is on its way!

Platoon Ranks

And here was a question from me…

Q. Can we have the maximum rank increased? Our platoon usually gets to whatever the next level is within a few days of it increasing.

A. No, not right now, sorry.

Q. Why even have a rank limit?

A. Well, one reason was so we can measure how fast Platoons would rank up and adjust the following ranks after that.

And Something Else

Conversations always go off topic and they sometimes get answers too!

Q. What about increase the limit of 100 friends?

A. Something we’re dependent on Origin on increasing, but I know it’s something they’re looking into.

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