Battlefield 4 System Performance Test

For those who may not have realisedi there is a System Performance Test function built into Battlefield 4. Head into the Options and you should see it available at the bottom of the screen.

Consoles should look something like this (this is my PS4)…

System Performance Test - Console

As you can see the performance is limited to the network connection as, let’s be honest, all consoles of the same model should have the same performance.

It provides us with latency (in MS) and packet loss (in and out, both in percentage terms). For me, it was showing no packet loss (although I wasn’t in a game at the time!) and a latency of 0.03ms. But what’s good?

Well, any packet loss is not good – essentially data is being lost. In the case of latency, that’s just how long it takes the round-trip of your data to take – the 0.03ms in my case means that there is delay of that added to every transmissions of network data that I make. But what latency is bad is a hard question to answer – any delay will affect multiplayer gameplay and, indeed, whoever has the worst latency is possibly the cause of any lag you’re seeing in game. However, delays will depend on so many factors, including your distance to the server, that pinpointing an exact “this is good but that is bad” number is difficult. Needless to say, quicker is better.

The PC version is different…

System Performance Test - PC

The same network details are shown, although it’s not clear what the latency is being measured in. However, you also get a framerate (FPS) figure as well, which is useful for benchmarking your graphics performance.

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