Battlefield Veteran Status

An example Veteran Status as shown on Battlelog profile

An example Veteran Status as shown on Battlelog profile

Your Battlelog profile for Battlefield 3 will show a “Veteran Status” (assuming you have one) if you’ve played the various past incarnations of the game. Medals for each game are shown and your actual status is based upon the number of games minus one – so if you’ve played 5 Battlefield games you’ll have a veteran status of 4.

As well as showing on your profile and generally looking nice, having a veteran status has other benefits – you will often get extra weapons or dog tags in games for being a veteran.

So, how do you increase this and what do you do if the status is showing incorrectly?

First of all, bizarrely, your veteran status is controlled via the status screen for Bad Company 2. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have this game as you can sign into it using your Battlelog Origin details.

Now you’re in, from the top menu select “My Soldier” and then “Veteran”.

Screen-Shot-2013-08-27-at-20.15.09Near the bottom of the screen are medals for each Battlefield game that you can get a veteran status for – those highlighted you already have. If you own one and it’s not included click on the dimmed medal and, below it, details of how to get the status are shown – you usually have to play at least one online game and then supply your credentials at this point.

If you’re just after the unlocks and the glory there are quick ways of getting a big status. I’m going to assume you already own Battlefield 3. I also only own a PC and assorted Playstations so can’t give details on how to get them on Xbox – sorry!

Now is a great time to get them, especially if you’re picking up used copies, as EA have made the online codes redundant (when buying used they’d often been used by the previous owner so you’d have to pay for an unlock code from PSN to get online).

The following games are all available on the PC to download via Origin or can be picked up used from eBay…

Battlefield 2 – £5.99 from Origin.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – £5.99 from Origin.
Battlefield 2142 – £2.99 from Origin.
Battlefield 1942 – FREE from Origin.
Battlefield Vietnam – Not available from Origin but can be picked up on disk both new and used (I got it for £4.50 from eBay).

The following games can be picked up used from eBay for the PS3…

Battlefield Bad Company
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Others can be be got from elsewhere for free…

Battlefield 1943 – A demo of the game is on PSN and I f you download that and play it you’ll get a veteran status for it.
Battlefield Heroes – You can go to the website and register and this will immediately give your the requisite increase in status – no need to even play it!
Battlefield Play4Free – Just with Heroes you simply need to sign up on the website and it will be added to your status.

And finally…

Battlefield Modern Combat – This is the only game I don’t have. Available only on the PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360. I have a PS2 but it’s not network capable. As with others, cheap copies of the game can be found on eBay.

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