Battlelog Improvements for Tablet

A revised version of Battlelog, designed to work better with tablets, is currently under-going beta testing. I’m part of that beta test and, having not signed any kind of NDA, I’m happy to provide details.

Screenshots are below but it’s quicker to respond and it displays more appropriate to the larger tablet size. I’ve already fed back some issues and numerous others have been submitted too – many of them relate to existing problems, not relating to the tablet release (but, still, they’re being seriously looked at).

For me the biggest issue is the inability to click on a friend’s server name in the right sidebar – normally you can do this to join their game. I can’t really compare now as whenever I sign into Battlelog on any mobile device (my phone included) I get the new version. However, the feedback process looks positive and I seriously believe that the end result will be a big step up for tablet owners.

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