Battlelog Mobile Update for 8th October

This is a silent update to the Battlelog Mobile App, which means it’s not downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Just close the app and restart it for the changes to take effect.

  • Added pagination area in the bottom of every forum thread
  • Changed background to the new expansion pack
  • Missing game modes added to detailed stats view
  • Only showing “Join as commander” if the server has commander slots and a valid game mode
  • Fixed so that the EULA screen only renders once
  • Hiding privacy settings if you don’t have a soldier
  • Now correctly respecting the privacy in Feed + Game Activity
  • Fixed broken navigation if you entered the Forum section
  • Fixed the invalid stretching of elements whenever you saved your Loadout
  • Various minor improvements

iOS version only…

  • Added swipe back functionality. (Swipe in the middle of the screen)
  • Fixed the swipes for ComCenter and the Menu
  • Fixed so that there is content on the whole screen
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