Battlelog Tablet App Improvements

A number of improvements have been made to the Battlelog app for tablets. The user interface has been upgraded, making overview and navigation easier. The app has also been optimized for performance, making it faster to change weaponry, check out the Geo Leaderboards, etc.

They’ve also made updates of the Battlelog tablet app a smoother affair, and will deploy updates of both the mobile and tablet version at the same time.

They’ve also just added push notifications, informing you about Battlefield 4 events or friends joining the game.

To start using the new version you need to sign out and restart your current Battlelog Application.

View from a Beta Tester

I’m one of those who have been assisting DICE with the testing of this app for a number of months now, so feel I can add a little more context to this.

Yes, it’s quicker and easier to use. However, feedback was via a forum post. 67 of us were given exclusive access yet and, yet, since May (when this was kicked off) there have been 162 posts in total. Responses to testers questions were slow at first, and my own list of issues was completely ignored. It wasn’t until later on that someone else from DICE started responding that answers became more frequent – but by this I’d given up.

My biggest issue with the new version is how difficult it is to select the server a friend is playing on – before you opened the sidebar which listed friends and then selected the server under their name. This is no longer the case and, although possible, it’s a long-winded and annoying process. I fed this back early but nothing has been commented on or, indeed, changed. Oh, and the time to start the app has got noticeable longer as well, which is an irritant.

But, the other big question is – why has this taken 6 months, when BF4 is nearly at end of life?

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