Battlelog Update – 8th April

Later today (8th) or tomorrow a silent update to both the web and app versions of Battlelog will be made.

Battlelog Website

Features & Improvements

  • Loadout Presets – as detailed in our earlier article
  • Platoons 1.1: we have now released the first big update to Platoon, including features such as:
    • Be able to see where your Platoon members are playing in the new servers tab
    • You can now increase the member cap to 150 by reaching rank 5 and 200 by reaching rank 10
    • Automatically subscribe to all Platoon wall posts and comments, so you won’t miss a thing
    • Once rented servers become available, Platoon leaders can choose to promote their servers for their Platoon
    • More information is now shown for each Platoon member on the Members page
    • A lot of smaller improvements and fixes
  • The Leaderboards tile on Home now shows your best or favorited leaderboard
  • New styling for the Premium tile on Home
  • Better support for Carrier Assault in Live Scoreboard
  • The “Personal Details” privacy setting now also controls for whom the “Playing” box on your profile page is shown
  • UTC indicator now added to the time selector in Settings


  • Fixed an issue where some Mission Dog Tags didn’t unlock after meeting the requirement (to trigger the unlock, please play the specific Mission once again)
  • Soldiers that have reached max rank now has the experience progress bar and score more correctly displayed
  • Items that are unlocked with Kit Shortcuts are no longer suggested in Suggestions
  • Items that are unlocked with Kit Shortcuts now show up more correctly on the Unlocks pages
  • Fixed an issue where Service Stars wasn’t shown for items that had been unlocked with Kit Shortcuts
  • Better fix for the duplicated UCAV in Stats -> Vehicles, so the kills are not counted twice
  • Fixes for for some unlock criteria and expansion pack icons showing incorrectly in Loadout
  • The newly added Soldier Portraits are now shown in opened Battlepacks
  • Unlock criteria are now shown correctly on the Unlocks -> Weapons page
  • Fixed an issue with the Battlelog Plugin, which didn’t always made the plugin auto-update
  • Fixed an issue where upcoming Rank Battlepacks had incorrect progress bars on the Battlepacks page
  • Fixed an issue in Battle Reports, where the correct ribbons weren’t always shown in Awards & Unlocks
  • Various tweaks for Battle Reports to better support longer and localized texts
  • Fixed an issue in the Medal of Honor Warfighter section where some images, like ribbons, didn’t display
  • Fixed an issue in the Medal of Honor Warfighter section, where some page tabs for Xbox 360 soldiers didn’t work correctly
  • Various minor fixes and tweaks

Battlelog App

Features & Improvements

  • Loadout Presets – as detailed in our earlier article
  • You can now set which Kit should be active in Loadout
  • You can now search for and find users directly from the Com Center (friends list)
  • Various tweaks and improvements to the Premium section, so it looks and works better
  • Dog Tag categories have been updated to be consistent with
  • More images now have retina support, incl. weapons, vehicles, accessories, awards and assignments
  • Selecting a vehicle category in Stats -> Vehicles will now show all vehicles on the details page instead of just one
  • Shared forum posts and shared Battlepacks are now shown in the Battle Feed on mobile
  • You can now remove your Geo Leaderboard location from the mobile app
  • Privacy settings are now available in the mobile app


  • Fixed an issue in Unlocks -> Vehicles, where items unlocked with Kit Shortcuts didn’t show as unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where Assignment images didn’t show up in the Battle Feed
  • Battle Pickups were incorrectly shown in Unlocks -> Weapons; they now only show in Stats -> Weapons
  • The Battle Feed now shows the “view more” button correctly if there are more feed events to load
  • Fixed an issue on iOS, where edge sliding on the left side didn’t show the menu
  • Fixed an issue, where the Friends Leaderboard in Campaign didn’t always load
  • The Soldier Portraits page now correctly shows which portraits are locked and unlocked (also shows the unlock criteria now)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the server name in the Unified Game Manager didn’t load the server info page
  • The Forums now loads in the correct forums based on your language
  • Censored forum posts now show as censored in the mobile app as well
  • Fixed an issue where viewing another soldier’s Loadout would show your own Loadout
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes
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