Battlelog Update for April 29th

Later today, a Battlelog update is due with the following changes:


  • You now only need 2 members of the Platoon playing in the same round to get stats and earn XP for your Platoon. At the same time, we have tweaked the algorithm for how Platoons earn XP, so playing with more Platoon members in the same round will provide additional XP bonus.

Features & Improvements

  • Platoons has been moved to the main header menu, replacing Missions. Missions is now found in the Multiplayer dropdown.
  • Loadout Presets now has a minimum character limit of 1, instead of 3
  • The name of vehicles is now displayed below all earned vehicle unlocks in Battle Reports
  • Various minor tweaks and improvements


  • Various fixes for the Soldier Portraits, including adding the 4 missing portraits and properly marking the unlock criteria
  • Fixed an issue in the forums where incorrect word wrapping was applied in Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where chat messages would sometimes disappear (but could be restored by refreshing the page)
  • Fixed an issue with Service Star Battlepacks not being displayed with the correct unlock values
  • Fixed an issue where going from Platoon Reports to your own Battle Reports page, or vice versa, would cause the page not to load
  • Fixed various issues with incorrect unlock criteria shown in Loadout
  • Fixed an issue with the Loadout Presets dropdown that didn’t always correctly reset
  • Fixed some Loadout Presets error messages that weren’t shown
  • Fixed an issue with some Platoon defined website links not working properly, e.g. when using https
  • Fixed an issue where viewing a Battle Pickup in Stats -> Weapons showed a “View accessories” button
  • Fixed a Firefox-specific audio issue (related to
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for closing Group Chats wouldn’t disappear after closing the chat
  • Added some missing translations in the Server Browser
  • Various minor fixes
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