Battlelog Update for December 10th 2014

Battlelog has been updated with a number of fixes / improvements.

  • Plugin now supports auto update for 64-bit browsers
  • Fixed issue with saving Loadout
  • Fixed visual glitch with soldier portraits and emblem shapes as Battlepack content
  • Fixed issue when joining a BF4 server while already playing on one
  • Trying out Battlefield 4 during a trial (Origin GameTime) does no longer grant you the permissions to post on Battlelog
  • Test page for alternative to use of web plugins for game launching is now available under selected user roll-out
  • An issue with displaying Battle Reports failing with message “FAILED TO LOAD REPORT” has been fixed
  • Added link to Battlepacks from Unlocks page heading “UNLOCKED VIA BATTLEPACKS”
  • Added Uprise and removed ESN logos from page footer (ESN has simply renamed itself as Uprise)
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Relatively recent convert to Battlefield but now hooked. Not the best aim or sharpest reflexes but good team player. Hates people complaining unnecessarily and believes you should always offer solutions - yes, I'm looking at all the Battlefield 4 haters. General IT bod during the day and all-round geek at all other times. Owner of

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