Battlelog Update for October 13th 2015

Battlelog has been updated today with the following changes…

Features & Improvements

  • Your active BF4 soldier + rank icon is now displayed on your BFH profile page
  • Added button to disconnect your Facebook account under Settings
  • Improved Legendary rank icons for BFH to match style of game
  • Improvements to BFH Robbery reports


  • Magazine size numbers are now visible in the BFH loadout
  • BFH Campaign stats will not be affected by players that choose to go Legendary
  • Improved UGM message when exiting BFH game session
  • Message is now displayed when you purchase any item in the BFH loadout
About Darkstorm40
Relatively recent convert to Battlefield but now hooked. Not the best aim or sharpest reflexes but good team player. Hates people complaining unnecessarily and believes you should always offer solutions - yes, I'm looking at all the Battlefield 4 haters. General IT bod during the day and all-round geek at all other times. Owner of

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