Battlelog Update for May 20th

An update to Battlelog is due today, Tuesday May 20th.


  • Since only Rented Server owners can edit the server’s banner, server admins will no longer be able to see servers in the Rented Servers list on Battlelog

Features & Improvements

  • Added SPM and KPM to the Stats -> Details page
  • The “Away” status is now displayed in the Chat windows
  • Added a few more BB Code buttons to Forums: Headline, Quote and Center


  • Fix for the Premium icon not showing properly on the Soldier and Profile pages for Premium players
  • Fixed an issue with inviting friends to a game, which resulted in only the first invitee to receive invitations
  • Fixed an issue where the text for stats in Unlocks -> Kits wasn’t shown
  • Fixed an issue with few weapons in Unlocks -> Weapons to show an infinite loading icon in the Accessories area
  • Turning off invisible mode will now properly show your presence afterwards, without having to re-login
  • Fixed an issue in Battle Reports, where the pie chart for players in the scoreboard wasn’t shown
  • Fixed an issue with server images not being shown for rented Xbox 360 servers
  • Fixed an issue with K/D ratio not being correctly displayed in the Share Battle Report view or in the feed
  • Added missing texts for some emblem shapes
  • Various minor fixes
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