The Best Competitive Guns in Battlefield 4

When playing Battlefield 4 competitively it’s always useful to know what other players feel are the best weapons to use. Of course, game type, map and your own personal preference will also determine the best to be equipped with.

However, the following is a broad choice of weapons thought to be the best to pick from and are the typical weapons that you will find in most competitive matches. Click on the Symthic icon below any for a full analysis of the weapon and accessory statistics.


ACE 23 – A great all round weapon.

ACE 23This weapon is arguably one of the most versatile assault rifles in the game. Having a firerate of 770 RPM, this weapon is capable of effectively competing in close quarters. This weapon is suited well for mid-range engagements as well, due or its easy to control recoil pattern. Controlled bursts at longer ranges are recommended to help maintain accuracy. The addition of stability-enhancing attachments such as the Muzzle Brake coupled with Stubby Grip; or Angled Grip with Heavy Barrel greatly extend the weapon’s effectiveness beyond close and mid-ranges even further. The weapon is balanced compared to other Assault Rifles by having an above average reload time when empty.


FAMAS – Very high rate of fire and very high recoil model

FAMASThe FAMAS has the highest rate of fire of any assault rifle at 1000 rounds per minute. However, it has one of the lowest stability stats, higher recoil and muzzle rise, making long range engagements more difficult. It also holds only 25+1 rounds, 5 rounds less than the typical assault rifle. Combine with its rate of fire, the FAMAS will drain ammo quickly and cause frequent reloads, which are also a problem due to the above average reload time. Like all other bullpup weapons in the game, it has a tighter hipfire spread making it more advantageous in close quarter battles.


M16A4 – Burst fire only and great accuracy at range

M16A4The M16A4 has a high RPM, provided that the player has a fast trigger finger, and is capable of going head to head with PDWs and carbines at close range. Much like other assault rifles, it holds 30 rounds per magazine. It has a very fast reload time, one of the shortest in its class. As a burst-fire weapon, the M16A4 receives the most recoil at the end of each burst. This recoil can be reduced with the use of the Angled or Folding foregrips.


AEK-971 – High rate of fire and high recoil model

AEK-971The AEK-971 has a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute (RPM), making it the second fastest-firing assault rifle right behind FAMAS at 1,000 RPM. Thus being an excellent choice at close range combat, but requiring shorter bursts when engaging targets at medium and long ranges. This weapon has a somewhat slow reload time compared to other Assault Rifles, so one should consider where and when to reload, as to not be killed during a firefight due to the longer reload.



ACE 52 CQB – High damage model

ACE 52 CQBThe ACE 52 CQB functions as a heavy carbine and, due to its high damage output, is a capable weapon. However, the ACE 52 not only suffers from the most substantial vertical recoil out of any of the carbines, but also the slowest bullet velocity at 400 m/s. In many games use of the weapon may get you banned.


ACW-R – High rate of fire and high recoil model

ACW-RThe ACW-R does average damage for Carbines, but is helped by a very high rate of fire, at 880 RPM. It has a moderate recoil, and unlike other fast-firing weapons like the AEK-971 or CZ-3A1, can be kept on target fairly easily. Its iron sights are sharp and clear. A Muzzle Brake or Compensator can aid in controlling recoil overall, and an Angled or Folding foregrips can make short bursts more precise. The Stubby or Potato grips can be useful for increasing accuracy, and the Ergo and Vertical grips aid with firing on the move. A Laser Sight is useful for hipfiring.


Slightly more controversial a choice is the following which is recommended by some…

ACE 21 CQB – low recoil but low bullet velocity

ACE 21 CQBThe ACE 21 has a lower muzzle velocity than its assault rifle counterpart, but to balance this, it has a lower spread than the ACE 23 except when ADS and not moving. Interestingly, the ACE 21 has a capacity of 35 + 1, five more than the ACE 23, which has 30 + 1 rounds.


So what do you think? Do you agree with these weapons?

Thanks to The MoGZ of War for the above information.

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