Buying games and installing them remotely on your PS3 or PS4

Something I only just recently realised you could do is remotely buy and install games on your PlayStation. This is particularly useful if something is realised whilst you’re at work – by the time you get home you can have it downloaded and installed!

Simply visit the Sony Entertainment Network website and sign in using your standard Sony credentials. You can now peruse available games, etc, and purchase them. Once bought you will be given an option to add the purchase in your download queue.

If you have a PS4 then you will need to ensure you leave it in standby and not switched off. With a PS3 you need to ensure you’re using the Automatic Update feature – this is only available if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, though. With this, you specify a time of during which time the PS3 will switch on , check for updates (which may include any pending downloads and/or installations) and then switch off again. I set mine to  2pm.

Anything in your download queue will then be pushed to your PlayStation and, hopefully, installed as well. At any point, via the same website, you can also view the status of and edit your queue.

One further tip – you can also redeem codes from the site as well so when the redemption feature was recently temporarily disabled on the PS4, I was still able to redeem a code via this website.

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