Coming Soon to the Battlefield 4 CTE

The following details items that are being worked on for CTE.


  • 3p head flinching improvements (awaiting Final Stand data integration)
  • Base map Rush improvements first pass (all maps but dawnbreaker ready, new cover slightly tweaked ruleset)

In Progress

  • Network visualization overlay (think frameoverlay)
  • High freqency bubble automation
  • Squad Join improvements (non CTE)
  • Suppression tuning pass
  • UI/HUD improvements
  • Obliteration Competitive improvements
  • Visual recoil dampening tuning
  • A bunch of Final Stand improvements (top user issues etc)

Experimental & CTE Tests

These probably won’t be released, at least not in this form – DICE might test them on the CTE though:

  • Netcode damage application tweaks
  • Vehicle physics improvements


  • Weapon balance pass
  • Vehicle balance pass
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