Coming Soon – Battlefield Veteran Program

A hidden page on Battlelog reveals that EA are working on a “Battlefield Veteran Program” – a reward for those who have played a number of different Battlefield titles.

To be entitled you must have played at least 10 hours of Battlefield 3. This unlocks a “General” Battlepack containing a number of exclusive items for Battlefield 4. You are then assigned a Veteran rating – depending on this number depends on how many of the other exclusive battlepacks that you can choose. There is one Battlepack for each class.

The site is not yet operational – the Battlepack images are not showing and selecting rewards doesn’t yet do anything.

What’s not clear are the exclusive items or how the veteran status is worked out. It currently shows I have a status of 3 (but what’s it out of?). The banner on the page shows Battlefield 2 – 4, so maybe 3 is the maximum as I’ve played all 3. The old veteran system, as last used on Battlefield 3, didn’t have any game time dependencies so you just had to play it once to be considered. Maybe this time it’s different – in which case my Battlefield 2 ownership won’t count as I’ve not played it much.

Nothing officially has been announced about this so, as yet, we don’t even know when it will be launched.

Link now gone

Minutes after publishing this article the Battlelog page was removed.

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